An exploration of movement created through a unique and unexpected interaction between the person and the chair.

The goal is to give people a sense of childlike joy upon rocking the chair.

This project was started with an idea of how we bring back childlike wonder. We need new sensations we can’t experience in our everyday lives.

I decided to convey a new stimulus through body movement. I got the idea from a swing. Swinging stimulates various sensory experiences such as changes in vision, airflow, and the sound of the wind, providing diverse stimuli to our body and mind. 

I decided to convey a new movement that gives similar stimulation to a swing through a chair and I started to explore new movements

In this sketch, I tried to focus on the movement and the posture of the body.

While searching for inspiration, I watched a video about Weebles and got the idea to design a chair with a half-spherical base.

These are the restrictions of the chair I established through prototyping.

What I determined was the curvature of the dome, the height and angle of the seat, and its location.

And for safety reasons, I thought there should be a ridge, so I checked how much the chair should tilt and determined the position of the ridge.

I used the restriction images as an underlay.

I decided to develop the exposed style. Having this style will highlight the important components of my piece.